Thursday, April 15, 2021
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The Prosecutor’s Office plays a central role in protecting the rights of victims in our criminal justice system. While the Prosecutor has primary authority regarding the prosecution of criminal matters, the voice of the victim is a strong influence in this process.

To that end, a Victims Rights Advocate works in the Prosecutor's Office.  A primary objective includes steering victims through the challenges which arise in a typical criminal case.

Below are some of the central constitutional and statutory rights which the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office provides on a daily basis.


Legal Rights as a Victim During Prosecution

  1. Receive notice of any scheduled court proceedings and any changes in the schedule.
  2. Confer with the Prosecuting Attorney prior to the selection of the jury and prior to the trial.
  3. Receive notice if the defendant escapes custody from jail while awaiting trial.
  4. Receive written notice of the defendant's conviction.
  5. Receive notice of the address and telephone number of the probation department which is to prepare the pre-sentence investigation report.
  6. Have your written impact statement included in the pre-sentence report.
  7. Make an oral impact statement to the pre-sentence investigator.
  8. Make an oral impact statement at the time of sentencing in court.
  9. Be notified of the time and place of sentencing.
  10. To request a speedy trial if you are the victim of a Criminal Sexual Conduct or Child Abuse matter.

Contact information: (269) 445 - 4469

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