Thursday, April 15, 2021
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The Prosecutor’s Office appears on a daily basis in the Cass County Family Court cases to address juvenile delinquency matters and neglect and abuse cases. 

Juvenile Delinquency

Cass County Assistant Prosecutors handle juvenile delinquency cases. These matters are similar to misdemeanor or felony cases, with the exception that the crimes are committed by juveniles. In Michigan, anyone under the age of 17 can be charged as a juvenile offender. The Prosecutor’s Office and Juvenile Court play an important role in correcting actions and holding juveniles accountable for their criminal and delinquent activity.        



The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office also seeks to protect children who have been victims of abuse and/or neglect. These matters range from modest family disruptions to sexual assaults and life-threatening situations. These efforts routinely occur in Family Court Abuse/Neglect hearings.

Assistance from law enforcement, the Department of Human Services and Child Protective Service workers are integral in efforts to provide the Court with appropriate jurisdiction.

Objectives include seeking the best interest of the child as well as family reunification in all appropriate instances.

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