Thursday, April 15, 2021
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The Cass County Prosecutor’s Office takes a strong stance against drug offenders.

Drug activity has a particularly disturbing ability to destroy multiple lives and compromise the fabric of entire communities. In particular, drug dealers and users generate a considerable amount of additional crime, such as violent offenses and property theft.  When illegal drug activity thrives, businesses are compromised.  Citizens of all ages are less secure in their homes.  The elderly are often afraid to even venture outside. 

Children become significant casualties to a variety of crimes, ranging from domestic violence to sexual molestation. Abuse and neglect cases routinely have parental drug involvement as a core contributor.

It is the goal of the Prosecutor’s Office to make the community a safer and better place by aggressively and methodically reducing the amount of drug activity in Cass County.

A variety of tools are used to combat this terrible vice including aggressive prosecutions, as-charged convictions and appropriate sentences. The Prosecutors Office, with a dedicated drug prosecutor, teams with the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team (CCDET), the Southwest Michigan Enforcement Team (SWET) and other law enforcement partners to ferret out drug activity. 

Prosecutor Fitz and his office have also campaigned extensively for the continued passage of Cass County’s Drug Millage.  This tool has allowed all of Cass County law enforcement including the Prosecutors Office to address the methamphetamine menace as well as cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs.

Recognizing the desire to change lives and reduce recidivism, treatment courts, faith-based initiatives and other community efforts are also an important part of this effort.





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